Meet The Crew

George Hugheston-Roberts,

Born Adventurer 

Since leaving the UK to pursue his dream of adventure in the Australian Wilderness, George, aged 26, has been lucky enough to work aboard world renowned tall ships, sailing across Tasman Sea. He then progressed to work as a Professional Scuba Diving Instructor on the notoriously beautiful east coast of Australia.

Growing up near the coast, George is no stranger to water and currently holds many qualifications within the field. This in mind, George is now fortunate enough to share his great passion of the outdoors by educating the young and the old in multiple adventurous activities. 

George’s motivation for this, came in the reading about my late Great Uncle Major William Ellery- Anderson MC, who having stepped off from his career in the Special Forces, commanded a group of researchers and explorers to the Antarctic. Though a well-planned expedition, his team encountered many difficulties, each expressed in his book “Expedition South”. It’s in Georges greatest ambition, to one day, follow in his footsteps.

Matt MountaiN,

Born Adventurer 

Matt grew up in the southern Queensland town of Dalby. Matt’s hard work ethic and determination are attributed to his working countless hours in the searing heat following his completion of school. Matt has also spent time living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, pursuing his love of water and outdoor adventure. These attributes combined with the personal challenge that the Challenge presents gives Matt the opportunity to push his physical boundaries and complete the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge in 2020.

There are many motivating factors in the world’s toughest ocean row, Matt’s determination to challenge himself outside of his comfort zone is probably the greatest. In 2017, Matt and a group of 20 like-minded men paddled approximately 20km in the open ocean on stand-up paddleboards to raise over $10,000 for the ‘Movember’ foundation. This is when Matt realised he could accomplish anything he sets his mind to. By completing the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, Matt hopes to ‘Inspire one, inspire all’.